Seems like another one of the “happiest couples” on VH1 have decided to go their separate ways. Apryl posted a tweet a couple of days ago saying, “All Lives Matter”, she got a lot of backlash for that. She stated she was simply trying to say that “no one should be getting killed”. When rumors of her and Omarion’s breakup surfaced a couple days after, fans questioned if her tweet was the reason, along with infidelity. Apryl took to Twitter posting “Single The End”, and then cleared up the rumors on Snapchat. She stated “The black lives matter comment has nothing to do with why me and Omari are not together”-“he never cheated on me, I never cheated on him”. She went on saying “But y’all a bitch is happy”,she spoke to her son Megaa saying “Mommy’s happy right Megaa?? And the great thing about it is Daddy’s happy too.. So we gucci! nobody’s sad, nobody’s sad over here”.

Apryl tweeted this a couple of weeks ago

Guess thats when it started for her .. She posted this yesterday….

Omarion also addressed the ‘breakup rumors’  Lastnight  via Instagram 

As Apryl said on Snapchat, “sometimes people just grow apart”, but I hope these two can work it out. I’ll keep you guys updated. 

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