Kyga Back Together? 

Now guys, I just posted PartyNextDoor’s new video starring Kylie Jenner. A lot of us figured that was confirmation that they were dating, due to the rumors and being seen out with each other. Well, it looks like they fooled us! Seems like Kylie and Tyga are back together.

The ‘Shade Room’ caught a #postanddelete from Tyga with a picture of Kylie captioned “They always come back”

His caption wasn’t the best way to announce their reunion so I can see why it wasn’t up for long.

Kylie then posted a picture on her own Instagram with the same outfit on, pretty much confirming that both were taken lastnight. So tell me guys, are Kylie and Tyga back together? Is she playing the both of them? Let’s not forget when she and Tyga broke up she stated she was “young and didn’t want to be tied down” so that could explain the back and forth. I’ll keep you guys posted as this unfolds.

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